Our Services

At Guardian Advisors, LLC we have designed our services with the needs of our clients in mind.

When you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable agency to help you solve your financial challenges, we can help with services in these areas:

Public Finance

Guardian Advisors, LLC provides fiscal services to clients’ year end and year out, helping to solve many financial and governmental problems not related to the sale of bonds. Its objective is to serve as a repository of knowledge about the finances of the client, advising on budgets, economic development, adequacy and fairness of user fees and the consequences of debt.

Guardian Advisors, LLC manages the sale of municipal bonds and other debt obligations. Guardian Advisors engages bond counsel; has resolutions drafted; represents the Issuer with rating agencies & bond insurers; engages accountants, printers and publishers as required; assesses the feasibility and manages the final closing process.

Guardian Advisors, LLC provides the following services:

  • creates bond/note issues for public works projects;

  • assists in the preparation of budgets and financial forecasts;

  • prepares tax rate studies;

  • provides continuing disclosure services

  • assists in helping industries expand and relocate

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